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What does “Eisen Feuer” mean?

What Software do you use?

What Hardware do you use?

What Cameras do you use?

How can I contact you?


Q- What does “Eisen Feuer” mean?

A- ‘Eisen Feuer’ is a phrase in the German Language that means ‘Iron Fire’.  Iron being an adjective, describing the fire.  It has no significance to me other than as a visual idea that probably only I’ll understand, a fusion between the bright and fluidly chaotic shape of Fire, and the rigidity and reflective polish of Iron.  I chose the German form because it sounds nice to me, but it can be said in any language.


Q- What Software do you use?

A- For 99% of those asking me this question, it is asked for the wrong reasons.  Software doesn’t make you a better artist or a better filmmaker, in fact expanding your toolkit too soon can limit you later on to extravagant solutions to what might be a simple problem.  Suddenly the excuse is that something can be fixed later when really you should be paying more attention to what you can do now so there is less work later.  Start practicing your craft, right now, with the tools you have.  Expand your toolkit slowly as needs arise.  Learn those tools well before moving on to new ones.  That said, as of  2011/05/12 I used Final Cut Pro for editing, Motion for motion graphics, Shake for all effects compositing and Color for color grading.  We use Logic to compose our soundtracks.  For painting I use Photoshop, Sketchbook Pro (non-Pro version is free) and Shake.  I edit photos in Photoshop and Shake.  I also use Sketchup (free) for metal projects and designing film equipment that we make ourselves.


Q- What Hardware do you use?

A- I use my Mac Pro Octo (Early 2009, Nahelem) running OS X.  I also have a Shuttle Xpress shuttle/jog control for editing, an Intuos3 6×4 (the smallest) Wacom tablet for painting and rotoscoping.  For music I have Logitech 5300e speakers, an Alesis iMultiMix 8 for bringing in audio, and an M-Audio Axiom 49.  I capture from non-file-based video sources with a BlackMagic Intensity Pro.


Q- What Cameras do you use?

A- For my own photography I use my Canon Rebel XT, it’s a bottom-of-the-line DLSR that isn’t even made any more with only 6MP.  It’s all about how you use the equipment.  For filmmaking I personally own a Canon HF10 but end up using my buddy’s Canon 7D more often, sometimes for photography as well.


Q- How can I contact you?

A- Check for options at the bottom of the page here.