May 30th, 2011

Man, 2 days before June.  Never thought it would have taken this long, but it was worth it.

Outside Aperture gets released today.  I’m uploading as I type.


New stuff to come.

3 Responses to “Done.”

  1. Lrd Van Helsing

    Partay tiem!

  2. lgdnp

    Congrats on the release! Exceptional work, can’t be other than inspired :)

  3. NoriMori

    Watched it. Enjoyed it. Some parts were kind of embarrassing (i.e. the Companion Cube pasted over faces in the photograph, Chell crying when she sees the cake recipe, getting into bed without wiping cake off her face), and GLaDOS’s voice, to be blunt, was just terrible. But for some reason that didn’t make me loathe it. I think it’s a cute bit of fan labour, the kind of “live-action” Portal stuff we’ve all been craving (I think I can speak for most if not all of us). Good job, hope you will make more!

    I thought the way you showed the portal technology was great, like where she throws out the can of beans by portaling it from the floor to the wall, or where she’s scratching her own back… That was awesome. The gun and the jumpsuit were really well-done, too.

    One of my favourite parts was the beginning when she rolls out of bed into a portal and out of the wall. That exact thing was described as a solution for sleep inertia, in a article about the Portal version of “the Tetris effect”, and seeing the scenario played out for real was highly amusing. My other favourite part was where she portals the TV into the ceiling to stop hearing GLaDOS’s voice, and then thinks she sees GLaDOS’s camera, because it illustrated the paranoia and hypervigilance one might have after such an experience as Chell’s.

    I also liked that you showed her filling out forms to become a test subject, because I’ve always thought that if there was ever to be a feature length Portal film, it would NEED to have that in it.

    I was just taking a closer look at the form she filled out. Why does it ask “Position Or Type Of Employment Desired” on a testing application form? :S

    One last thing — I think it would’ve been cool to show her in the test chambers more, like solving them and stuff. Another commenter mentioned that in response to your most recent update, I believe. If you ever make another Portal film, that would be pretty sweet.