Portal 2

April 25th, 2011

Of course, I picked it up (both 360 and PC/Mac versions) at midnight, was somehow able to sleep, go to work,  and played it that day.  According to my recordings, I finished single player in about 5h 30m.  I played the cooperative mode with fellow Portal genius Ho7sauce (GT insideout1986) and finished that in 4h 20m over XBL.  Hopefully a small disclaimer regarding the fact that the Outside Aperture storyline is based on Portal 1 pre-March 2010 update will keep your classic “x, y, and z happen in Portal 2!” comments from piling up in the YouTube comments.

I’ve loaned out my copy of Portal 2.  I still have it on my Mac/PC but can’t take any more time with any distractions.  VFX beckon.


2 Responses to “Portal 2”

  1. NoriMori

    You said you played “single player” with Ho7sauce, did you mean “co-op mode”?

  2. Eisen Feuer